The beauty of being an artisan is that you can make pretty much anything!

2014-07-22 22.03.48


Stuck for a personalised gift? We can make your label individual so that a special day lasts and lasts (well….as long as the jar does…!)

The jar in the picture is a special commission for Rosie Garland, author of ‘The Palace of Curiosities’ and ‘Vixen’. She asked for a jam with twig and depleted uranium! (It’s actually peach, with a vanilla pod and real silver sparkles….)



Want mini jams as wedding favours, or some other personalised event? Drop us a line with your ideas.

2014-08-17 23.34.36

Here’s a mini personalised jar (one of 40) made for a very special cream tea event at a golf club.


Want a bespoke flavour for a wrap party, book launch or event promotion? We’re great at unique ideas, individual ‘one off’ flavours and special runs.

2014-07-15 22.53.22

This is a mini jar (one of 250) of a bespoke flavour made for the launch and promotion of ‘Jampires’, published by David Fickling Books. See the media page for more information.